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Honda CRF250R cafe racer

Californian Darrell Schneider is known in the classic car community for his high-quality fiberglass skills. He’s also a keen motorcyclist, and has transformed his personal 2004 Honda CRF250R dirtbike into this eye-catching café racer. Schneider namechecks Roland Sands, Richard Pollock and Ron Wood as the inspiration for the bike, nicknamed the ‘GP250R.’ “Those guys just

CMP Project #5 Triumph Bonneville

If there’s a surefire way to improve the looks of the average motorcycle, it’s by tidying up the back end. And this Triumph Bonneville, from the Argentinian builder CMP Project, is a textbook example. Careful fabrication and a custom-fitted seat have given Triumph’s mainstay roadster a new stance and a new look—one that’s retro and

Yoshimura GS1000R Cooley/Crosby

Japanese motorcycle culture is full of little side streets and half-hidden diversions: it probably has more depth than anywhere else in the world. And when the Japanese get into something, they really get into it. The scale model motorcycle scene is typical: it’s huge over there, fuelled by giants such as Tamiya, and it has

Vincent Black Lightning by Jeff Decker

For someone who doesn’t like stock Vincents, Jeff Decker builds a mighty fine Black Lightning. He’s a sculptor as well as a bike builder, and his eye for a line is evident with this beautiful salt racer. As these exclusive Horst Roesler shots reveal, Decker has managed to make the Vincent look fast even when

Kawasaki KZ1000 custom

Early Japanese superbikes seem to get more appealing as the years go by. The Honda CB750 is still going strong, and so is Kawasaki’s KZ series. This classy, understated KZ1000 is the work of London’s Untitled Motorcycles, and it’s owned by Anthony van Someren of the UK website the Bike Shed. “My Ducati became more

Maria Triumph Thruxton

It’s always good to hear about a new builder starting out, and even better when that builder is from a country that doesn’t have an obvious custom scene. This is one of the first creations from Maria Motorcycles of Lisbon, Portugal, and it’s a great start. Maria’s philosophy is to get to the essence of

Santiago Chopper Kawasaki H2

Alain Bernard is a colorful character. Based in Florida, he runs Santiago Chopper and created the Norley Cafe Racer. Here’s his latest bike, and it’s got to be his most extreme yet—in terms of engineering, as well as the fluoro color scheme. This machine has got the ‘go’ to match the show. The motor started

Yamaha Virago XV750 custom

This Yamaha Virago XV750 was Eric Meglasson’s first attempt at building a custom motorcycle. By the time he’d finished the bike, the Oregon-based architect was running a small custom motorcycle company—his own. The chain of circumstances started when Eric bought a lightly-modded but very classy Honda CB450 cafe racer. “The Honda inspired me to attempt

Bimota DB1R works racer

There are few motorcycles more exotic than a Bimota. And this machine, which has just gone up for sale, is one of the most covetable Bimotas of all—the 1986 DB1R racer. Built in conjunction with Ducati, it’s one of the four factory bikes campaigned by Davide Tardozzi, Malcolm Tunstall of Syd’s Cycles, and Dale Quarterley.

BMW R75/6 cafe racer

1970s-era BMW airheads respond well to the cafe racer treatment. But you don’t often see one with a mono-shock conversion. This cafe racer is a 1976 R75/6 owned by graphic designer Casey Wilkinson of the motorcycle-mad Wilkinson Brothers, and he spotted it at the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days. Despite having 100,000 miles on the clock,

Bonneville Speedweek Triton

The lure of the salt at Bonneville Speedweek is strong, and two years ago, the bug bit Vincent Prat of the French Southsiders MC collective. This year, he’s returning with his own motorcycle to ride, the extraordinary Triton you see here. The story of this machine begins 25 years ago, when Vincent bought a Rickman

Honda CB350 Saké Racer

When in Paris last month, I was struck by the number of custom motorcycles being ridden around the city. Amidst the hordes of Piaggio MP3 three-wheeled scooters were a surprising number of café racers, trackers and bobbers. I don’t think I saw a bike as sharp as this 1974 Honda CB350 K4, though. It was

Deus Husqvarna TE250

Husqvarna is a manufacturer with over a hundred years of history—and a finger in a lot of geographical pies. Formerly Swedish, it’s now owned by BMW and builds its motorcycles in Italy. Husqvarna has just set up shop in Bali, which got the boys from Deus’ Canggu outpost all excited. So they got their hands

Triumph Scrambler by JvB-moto

If you were taken with the Triumph Tridays “Rumbler”—and it was one of the most popular bikes we’ve shown so far this year—then this is the bike for you. Cologne-based JvB-moto has remodeled the Rumbler for small-scale production, priced it at 15,000 euros (around $18,500) and called it “Dirty Deeds”. And they’ve done good. “Rumbler