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BMW R100 Scrambler by Fuel Bespoke Motorcycles

BMW’s R series is seriously challenging the Honda CB as the custom platform of choice; over the past few months, a remarkable number of stylish 70s BMW customs have been popping up in the Bike EXIF inbox. This one was built by Karles Vives of Barcelona, Spain, and it’s an RT model—which in BMW’s complicated

Ural x Hammarhead: Solo X

James Loughead, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Neuropsychology at the University of Pennsylvania. He also knows how the mind of a motorcyclist works: his company Hammarhead Industries has attracted an extraordinary amount of attention over the past year. His Jack Pine bike was one of the all-time hits on Bike EXIF, and this is

Marco Lugato Moto Guzzi

If there’s one class of bike that gets my motor running faster than any other, it’s a Moto Guzzi cafe racer. This machine comes courtesy of the Italian publication Special Mag—the bike is owned by Francesco Venturi, a young architect, and was built by Marco Lugato. The 1000 SP arrived in Lugato’s workshop disassembled in

Harley-Davidson Sprint

It’s almost impossible to quantify the proportions of a motorcycle. Sure, there are relationships between wheel sizes, fuel tank and seat unit, and of course the engine and frame. But some machines have that indefinable ‘something’, a quirk of aesthetics that catches your eye. For me, this is one of them. It’s a bike that

McDeeb W400 TT

Fabrizio Di Bella runs Classic Farm Motorcycles, a custom workshop in a village in the mountains near the Italian city of Brescia. His obsession with classic British motorcycles gave him the Anglicized nickname of ‘McDeeb’, and that’s the brand he now markets his machines under. He’s known for his Royal Enfield specials, but this new

1939 Indian 741

I first saw this lovely Indian several months ago, but was unable to track down any images. Then yesterday the owner of ‘Saltcracker’ contacted me out of the blue: it’s Lars Nielsen, the Danish owner of a Honda Gold Wing bobber that we featured two years ago. Lars’ Indian is a 1939 model with a

MV Agusta Grand Prix Replica

Specials don’t come any more special than this lovely MV Agusta. And it has an immaculate pedigree, too—it was built by Primo Felotti, the stylist and bodywork fabricator employed by MV Agusta from the 1950s onwards. The bike is based on a 1977 Ipotesi, a 350cc model designed to bridge the gap between the Varese

Bimota DB3 Mantra

Over the last three decades, Bimota has consistently produced the most outrageously styled motorcycles of any contemporary manufacturer. The DB3 Mantra was the Rimini company’s attempt at a ‘naked bike’, and was styled by Frenchman Sacha Lakic. It was built in two versions—the first in 1995 and the second in 1997—with only minor details changed,

CRD #4: Yamaha SR250

When I was a lad growing up in England, 500cc was considered a ‘big’ motorcycle. Machines such as the Honda CB750 and Kawasaki Zeds were considered behemoths. But my, how times have changed. The old ‘standard’ 250 is now almost forgotten in the USA and Europe, although it’s the staple diet of the huge Asian

Renard Grand Tourer

In 1938, Estonian entrepreneur J. Laan founded a motorized bicycle manufacturer in the capital city of Tallinn, and called it Renard Cycles. Renard is French for ‘fox’, and a fox’s head formed the original Renard logo. But in March 1944, the factory was hit by a bomb and was completely destroyed. The emerging Estonian motorcycle

Harley-Davidson Softail "Nascafe Racer"

In six months, this could be most famous custom Harley-Davidson Softail in the world. It’s yet another winner built by the English workshop Shaw Speed & Custom, and this one has a very defined target: to defend SS&C’s world championship title at the AMD event in Sturgis in August. It’s called the Bell & Ross

Matchless Rickman Metisse G50

I’ve always had a soft spot for Matchless (and AJS) motorcycles. And if I had a spare US$40,000 kicking around, I’d pop over to New Zealand and bid for this one in the Webb’s Auction of Classic Motorcycles. It’s a G50, a 500cc development of the 350cc AJS 7R, and with less than 200 examples

NSU Sportmax

If there was ever a piece of classic motorcycling sculpture, this is it. The unfaired NSU Sportmax was not a looker, but add the period ‘dustbin’ fairing and it’s transformed into a thing of beauty. This bike started life as a regular Max bought off eBay, but has been transformed into a replica of the

Untitled Motorcycles BMW R80

Untitled Motorcycles are three guys working out of a workshop in Camden, London, building “motorcycles for everyday use with great individual styling and quality mechanics.” They’re on a mission to ressurect old and unloved motorcycles—and in a way, recycle them into classics. Untitled started in 2010 with a BMW R80/7 as their first project, and