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Yamaha XS650 flat tracker

Drogo Michie wanted a bike for the streets of London, and chose a stock 1978 Yamaha XS650 as his starting point. “There’s no reinventing the wheel here, nor a huge amount of bespoke fabrication,” he says. “My three lovely children’s habit of eating most of my money ensured that!” He took the bike to the

1965 BSA Lightning

Jesse Bassett is the owner of The GasBox, a vintage motorcycle shop in Lakewood, Ohio. It’s a new name to me, but I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more about Jesse’s company in the future: his BSA just won the Freestyle Class at the ‘Ultimate Builder’ AMD Championship affiliate event in Cleveland, and has

Deus Bali: Tiger's Milk I

In Indonesia, the Honda Tiger GL200 is a popular commuter bike—a simple and low-cost thumper with nondescript plastic bodywork. Actually, ‘nondescript’ is not the right word: it’s an eyesore. According to Deus Bali, “the bike comes out of the Honda factory looking pretty ugly. It’s covered in spaceship-esqe plastic covers and faux chrome pieces, which

Custom BSA motorcycle: Son of a Gun

Larry Houghton of Lamb Engineering in the UK keeps a low profile on the custom motorcycle scene. But he’s got an unerring eye when it comes to building show winners: his latest BSA motorcycle took the top trophy at Custom Chrome’s recent European Bike Show. ‘Son Of A Gun’ is based on a BSA Gold

Thierry's Tribsa

Put a Triumph engine in a Norton frame and you’ve got a Triton. Put a Triumph engine in a BSA frame and you’ve got a ‘Tribsa’. It doesn’t seem to roll off the tongue as well, but it’s a good-looking bike. This one belongs to Thierry, a member of the Southsiders MC collective in France;

1967 BSA Lightning custom

Union Motorcycle Classics is a bunch of like-minded friends operating out of an old red dairy barn in Idaho. Mike Watanabe and Co. are churning out a steady stream of delectable customs, and the latest is this 1967 BSA A65 Lightning. The boys bought the bike few years back, lured by its pristine 650 cc

1971 BSA Lightning

There’s nothing radical or flashy about this early 70s BSA, but it has a low-key charm that I find very compelling. The beautiful photography helps, of course. It’s by the owner of the bike, Adam Green, taken in his hometown of Margate City, New Jersey using a Leica M8 camera. Adam found this BSA at

Custom BSA M21 by Cleveland CycleWerks

Scott Colosimo runs Cleveland CycleWerks, a company making cool, affordable custom-style bikes that cost as little as $3195. This bike isn’t on a CCW dealer floor though: it’s Scott’s personal ride, a 1954 BSA M21 that he built himself. Scott wanted a hardtail, cut down to the essential elements that make a bike stop and

Blitz Motorcycles "BSW"

Fred and Hugo of Blitz Motorcycles describe their latest creation as “A gentleman’s bike for a gentleman rider”. But it’s not a conservative, retro throwback. “BSW” is decidedly unconventional, like all of Blitz’s builds so far. The motorcycle was built for an English customer called John, who lives in Paris. It’s a BMW R60/6, a

Heiwa MC

There are literally hundreds of custom motorcycle builders in Japan. They flourish in a climate created by the stringent taxation of new motorcycles, plus the relentless desire of riders for customization and one-upmanship. Over the years, a small handful of shops have risen to the top of the premier league, and one of those outfits

BSA Gold Star Daytona Special

From David Edwards—Last time we saw a Bobby Sirkegian bike on these pages, it was a super-clean Triumph 650 dragster. Now comes his BSA Gold Star Daytona special, last raced by Sirkegian 50 years ago and the subject of a recent full restoration. The Goldie’s history in the Daytona 200 is short but sweet; it

Falcon Motorcycles

One of the more interesting US custom builders is Falcon Motorcycles. This embryonic company has already established its credentials: it won the ‘Best Custom’ trophy at the Legend of the Motorcycle Concours last year. And now it’s announced a series of ten custom British motorcycles, named after varieties of the genus Falco. These bikes will

BSA B40 Tracker

The Danish artist Cay Brøndum is also known for painting custom motorcycles produced by the Wrenchmonkees. But when it comes to his own bikes, Cay wields the spanner as well as the spray gun. And this neat 1969 ex-Danish military BSA was the first bike he completely restored himself. “With this project, I chose to

TriBSA motorcycle: 'The Bitch'

In the UK, this bike—nicknamed The Bitch—is something of a legend. Probably because it’s been around a long time and it looks good. And maybe because it also contains bits from nearly every iconic post-war British motorcycle maker. Steve ‘Swede’ Clark built his TriBSA in 1968, using a BSA frame and a hotted-up Triumph engine.