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50 Not Out: Cafe Racer Dreams' BMW R69S

Cafe Racer Dreams is one of the most prolific outfits on the custom motorcycle circuit. An incredible fifty builds have already rolled out the Spanish workshop’s doors—each one as stylish as the next. For CRD #50, Pedro García and Efraon Triana pulled out all the stops. It’s a stunning resto-mod based on a 1969 BMW

CRD's XR 1200: the Harley That Should Have Been

Back in 2008, the Harley XR 1200 had everything going for it. Launched in Europe but styled with an American flat track vibe, it was a nod to the much-loved XR750. American magazines went gaga over the XR, citing the 91-horsepower engine and quality suspension. They clamored for the bike to be released in the

Little Baby: Cafe Racer Dreams' SR125

Let’s be honest: most of the bikes that make waves on the custom scene are big-budget builds. They cost as much as a new motorcycle driven off a showroom floor. And that’s fine, because that’s the price of personalization in a commoditized world. High-level artistry does not come cheap. But it’s still refreshing to see

In Rust We Trust: CRD's corrosive BMW R 100

Custom motorcycles often get accused of looking good, but not riding worth a damn. So it’s great when a builder devotes as much attention to a bike’s performance as its looks. Take this BMW R 100 from Madrid-based Café Racer Dreams. It has the subtlety and elegance we’ve come to expect from Pedro García and

Customizing a classic: CRD's BMW R80ST

Café Racer Dreams don’t exclusively build BMWs, but you could call them specialists. With several elegant examples under their belts—including these two stunning R100s—they’ve learnt a thing or two about turning wrenches on Bavaria’s finest. Most of CRD’s classic BMWs share similar technical upgrades and under-the-hood mods. Yet each new ‘airhead’ that rolls out of

CMP Project #5 Triumph Bonneville

If there’s a surefire way to improve the looks of the average motorcycle, it’s by tidying up the back end. And this Triumph Bonneville, from the Argentinian builder CMP Project, is a textbook example. Careful fabrication and a custom-fitted seat have given Triumph’s mainstay roadster a new stance and a new look—one that’s retro and

Retro Scrambler: A vintage BMW R75/5 from Spain

For its latest build, Cafe Racer Dreams has taken a break from Triumph Bonnevilles. The Spanish workshop has turned its attention to the vintage BMW R-series—namely, the 749 cc R75/5 boxer. Now owned by Valéry from Paris, this 1971 model is a thorough resto-mod in the increasingly popular scrambler style. And it looks simply gorgeous.

New Direction: A Custom Bonneville from CRD

If you live near Madrid and fancy a custom Bonneville in your garage, you’re in luck. Cafe Racer Dreams have made a name for themselves with tweaked Triumphs and Honda CBs, but for build #15 they’ve turned to Triumph’s modern classic. It’s a 2007-model bike, the year when the Bonneville was given a capacity boost

CRD #4: Yamaha SR250

When I was a lad growing up in England, 500cc was considered a ‘big’ motorcycle. Machines such as the Honda CB750 and Kawasaki Zeds were considered behemoths. But my, how times have changed. The old ‘standard’ 250 is now almost forgotten in the USA and Europe, although it’s the staple diet of the huge Asian

Triumph Bonneville by CRD

A lot of custom motorcycles are capricious creatures: pretty but impractical. Others are bikes that you can jump on and ride to the shops, and this Triumph Bonneville is one of them. It’s the latest build from the Spanish workshop CRD, and follows the current European trend towards pared-down, blacked-out machines. The base is a

CRD #9: 1980 Honda CB750

Whenever I see a Honda CB750 in the metal, I’m always surprised at how big it is. In photographs, Honda’s iconic inline four always seems slim and sleek. So I’d love to throw a leg over this 1980 CB750 KZ, the latest custom from Cafe Racer Dreams. Nicknamed ‘Brownie,’ it’s a CB750 on a diet.

Cafe Racer Dreams' Ossa Copa custom

Café Racer Dreams is a Spanish custom shop with a sleek and pared-back style. So this vintage-themed machine is something of a departure for Pedro and his crew, but it works beautifully. It’s based on the 1979 Ossa Copa 250, a lightweight two-stroke single known for its four distinctive fins on the cylinder head—and its

Triumph cafe racer by CRD

So you’ve got a recent-model Triumph Bonneville. A great base bike, but how do you give it a different look without breaking the bank or compromising its reliability? The twelfth build from CRD of Spain shows how: it’s a 2009 Triumph Bonneville with a strong café racer slant. A few well-thought-out tweaks to the Hinckley

Triumph Bonneville by CRD

This is the latest build from Spanish shop Café Racer Dreams, which is starting to look like the southern European counterpart to the well-established Wrenchmonkees of Copenhagen. CRD #10 is called “Night Track”, and it’s a 2007 Triumph Bonneville. The mods are well-chosen, tightening up the aesthetics of the Bonnie and giving it a sharper,