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Red Alert: Down & Out's Triumph Bonneville SE

Down & Out probably isn’t the most auspicious name for a business. But Shaun Walker sleeps easy at night: business at his Sheffield, England workshop is booming. For the past 15 years, Shaun has been building very tidy, sharp-looking customs. He works mostly on older BMWs these days, but also professes a liking for the

Honda FT500 By Sideburn

Words by Gary Inman, photography by Paul Bryant. There’s a phrase, very popular in England, “You can’t polish a turd”. But, taking on their first project bike, Sideburn magazine tried. The starting point was a £370 ($600) Honda FT500C, and the magazine didn’t want to spend a lot on it. Luckily, they had Carl of

Yamaha SR500 cafe racer

A few weeks ago I was in Brighton, on the south coast of England. It’s a spiritual home for the English cafe racer scene, and I was pleased to see the odd custom zipping about—with many riders sporting open-face helmets and goggles. Most of these bikes had a low-key, monochrome look, just like this Yamaha

CRD #4: Yamaha SR250

When I was a lad growing up in England, 500cc was considered a ‘big’ motorcycle. Machines such as the Honda CB750 and Kawasaki Zeds were considered behemoths. But my, how times have changed. The old ‘standard’ 250 is now almost forgotten in the USA and Europe, although it’s the staple diet of the huge Asian

DKW racing motorcycle

Here’s an interesting old ’un coming up for auction in a few days in England. It’s not an original DKW, but a replica of the pre-1930 racers, assembled from period parts and rebuilt four years ago. It might be a mongrel, but its pedigree is pretty good: DKW were the early masters of two-stroke technology.

Norton International motorcycle

In the pantheon of Norton history, the International tends to be overshadowed by the Manx. Which is a shame, because this classic British motorcycle has a strong and enduring charm of its own. At the time of its launch, in the early 30s, the International was a race-bred machine; it was powered by an overhead

BMW R75/5 custom

During the austere and oppressive reign of General Franco—a remarkable 36 years from 1939 to 1975—foreign motorcycles were a rarity in Spain. So this BMW R75/5 must be a novelty on Iberian roads. It’s owned by Juan Ramón Ortega, a Madrileño with a longstanding passion for BMWs. He bought this 1972 model six years ago:

Montesa Cota 200

The Spanish marque Montesa is legendary in the annals of trials history, so it’s always good to see a classic Cota restored to original condition. This one is a 1982 model owned by Oliver Cooper of Sheffield, in the north of England. He bought it for a song from an auto jumble last summer; it

Manurhin scooter

When I was a lad growing up in the North of England, the Mod Revival was in full swing. Scooters were everywhere, mostly heading down the M1 motorway for weekend trips to the south coast resorts. At that time, I couldn’t tell the difference between a Vespa and a Lambretta, so goodness knows if one

C&J Rotax Flat Tracker

We’re suckers for flat track racing motorcycles here, and this Rotax-powered racer from England sure is purdy. The image comes from Ben Part of Sideburn, and Ben has his tongue firmly in cheek when describing the bike: “No vehicle is safe from the gaudy touch of the pimp and his bling. But only fellow gangsters,