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BMW R75/6 by Kingston Custom

Custom motorcycle builders in the USA and UK have relatively few restrictions on what they can and cannot do. Then you have countries like Taiwan and Germany, which force builders to abide by draconian regulations. German bikes require approval from the TÜV authority—which ensures a high quality of work, but also adds complications for the

Indian 4 "Renegade" Custom

By David Edwards—Indian aficionados, especially those of the 100-point concours persuasion, may want to click away from this page quick as you can—or at the very least up your heart meds. Shown here is either straight-to-hell blasphemy on two wheels or a pretty cool piece, depending upon your sensibilities. It began life as a 1930

Suzuki Katana by AC Sanctuary

I remember being dumbstruck when the Suzuki Katana was launched back in 1980. And after a period of distaste, I now find those angular looks growing on me again. They say that retro fashion moves in 40-year cycles, so maybe the second coming of the Katana is nigh. The Katana GSX1100S had a strange gestation.

JvB-moto Ducati Pantah

It’s always fascinating to see the personal rides of well-known custom motorcycle builders. Rough Crafts’ Winston Yeh, for example, rides a tiny PGO 125cc scooter. This Ducati Pantah belongs to JvB-moto‘s Jens vom Brauck, and prowls the roads around Cologne in Germany. “I wanted it to look like it was found in a shed in

Harley V-Rod custom

We don’t get to see many custom motorcycles from Germany. Modified BMWs are becoming more common, especially R-series scramblers or café bikes. And we’re big fans of LSL-Motorradtechnik creations too. But this is something completely different, and completely over the top: a Harley V-Rod cafe racer. It was built by a company called Dr Mechanik

Triumph Thunderbird Sport custom

Uli Brée, the organizer of the huge Triumph Tridays event in Austria, dropped us a line with details of his personal bike. As you might expect, it’s impressive. Brée bought the bike in 2005 and then set about turning it into the ultimate custom Thunderbird Sport, which he calls the TBS-Tridays. Here’s how he did

Wrenchmonkees Kawasaki Z750

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE Ever heard of a Kawasaki Z970? Neither had we. But that’s the moniker the Wrenchmonkees have given their latest custom, a stunning Z750B that’s been bored out to almost a liter. It’s the pet project of company founder Per Nielsen, who wanted to build “the perfect City-Dirt tracker” with a beefed-up motor and

Honda CB450S

Everybody knows Honda’s long-running CB series of motorcycles—and their potential for being turned into cafe racers. But one of the lesser-known variants is the CB450S, which was made in the second half of the 1980s. Details are sketchy: it was apparently built in South America, and sold in Germany and Canada. But that’s all I’ve

Harley V-Rod sidecar by Mobec

It’s time we featured a sidecar again and this one from southern Germany is certainly an oddity. It’s a design study from the Uhingen-based sidecar specialist Mobec, based on the Harley-Davidson V-Rod. The body of the 3-Rod is crafted from carbon fiber composite, and underneath is Mobec’s proprietary ‘Duodrive’ two-wheel-drive system, complete with reverse gear.

1935 Husqvarna racer

I realised with a surprise at the weekend that we’ve never featured a vintage Husqvarna motorcycle. One tends to associate the Swedish brand (est. 1903) with its all-conquering motocross machines from the 60s and 70s, but the earlier models are worthy of attention too. Like this beautiful, monochromatic 496 cc V-twin from 1935, a racing

LSL Triumph TL-675

One of our favorite European mainland builders is LSL of Krefeld in Germany. They specialize in trick Triumph conversions, and revealed this new concept at the recent EICMA motorcycle show. LSL supports the Street Triple Cup in Germany, so the TL-675 is inspired by the company’s 126 hp racer. (A more street-oriented cam drops the

Louis Lepoix BMW R12

The other day I got an email from a man called Bertrand Lepoix. He’d spotted our piece on the amazing 1934 BMW R7, and sent in some amazing pictures from his family archives, including a couple of this motorcycle. “My father Louis Lucien Lepoix (1918-1988) was an industrial designer—French born, but mostly based in Germany