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Ducati 125 Grand Prix

I’ve often thought that the appeal of racing motorcycles is in their sculptural qualities. And despite the charmless name, there are few things more elegant than a ‘dustbin’ fairing from the 1950s. This one is an exceptionally beautiful example, and a testament to the metalworker’s skill. It was created for a 1955 Ducati 125 Grand

Yamaha YZR500

By Richard Fowler of Motorsport Retro—This exquisite piece of rolling sculpture is Yamaha’s 1975 YZR500. It’s the OW23 variant, the machine that took Giacomo Agostini to the last of his incredible 15 World Championships. Making its first appearance in the 1974 Belgian GP, the OW23 was designed specifically for 500cc Grand Prix racing. (Its predecessor,

Moto Guzzi V8

The Moto Guzzi V8 ‘Otto Cilindri’ is widely regarded as one of the ten greatest motorcycle designs of all time. Yet it only won three Grands Prix. So what makes it so great? Mostly the engine, which gave the bike incredible performance. In the mid 50s at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, the Otto Cilindri was

Cafe Racer Dreams' Ossa Copa custom

Café Racer Dreams is a Spanish custom shop with a sleek and pared-back style. So this vintage-themed machine is something of a departure for Pedro and his crew, but it works beautifully. It’s based on the 1979 Ossa Copa 250, a lightweight two-stroke single known for its four distinctive fins on the cylinder head—and its

OSSA 250 Monocoque

This amazing little OSSA 250cc Grand Prix bike finished 3rd in the 250cc World Championship in 1969. Its revolutionary monocoque stunned the Grand Prix paddock, yet the clearly superior design never found favour with the big manufacturers. Designed by Eduardo Giró, the son of OSSA founder Manuel Giró, the bike featured a six-speed gearbox mated

Deubel/Horner BMW sidecar

The scintillating Isle of Man TT action has got us thinking about sidecars. Not just the Ural kind, but the racing kind too. The elegant machine above is the BMW campaigned by Max Deubel—the ‘Sidecar Superstar’—and passenger Emil Horner. Deubel was the four-times World Champion, from 1961-4, winning ten Grand Prix races. How cool would

Suzuki GSX1100 custom

This bike is three decades old, but I’m willing to bet that there are few modern machines that could keep up with it. Suzuki launched the GSX1100E right at the end of the 70s, pitching it as a heavyweight musclebike for the touring market. And yes, it had muscle aplenty: with an output of around