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Suzuki Katana by AC Sanctuary

I remember being dumbstruck when the Suzuki Katana was launched back in 1980. And after a period of distaste, I now find those angular looks growing on me again. They say that retro fashion moves in 40-year cycles, so maybe the second coming of the Katana is nigh. The Katana GSX1100S had a strange gestation.

Kawasaki KZ1000 by AC Sanctuary

Late 70s Japanese superbikes have character by the bucketload—unlike the plasticized contemporary offerings. There’s ample performance too: a stock Kawasaki KZ1000 puts out around 90 hp, and can run the quarter mile in just over 12 seconds. Unfortunately, the dynamics of such bikes have fallen a long way behind modern standards. And that’s where the

Sanctuary Kawasaki Zephyr 1100

Motorcycle manufacturing is built around the concept of contrived obsolescence. Tweak the engine every few years, change the plastic that hides half the bike, create a new color scheme and then flick the brief into the advertising agency to sell the ‘new’ product. But as we all know, new is not necessarily better. And bikes

Honda CB1100R by AC Sanctuary

Fans of retro Japanese superbikes will know the Sanctuary name: these guys are the kings of the resto-mod scene. This is their latest release, a thoroughly rebuilt Honda CB1100R that’s even more desirable than the original. ‘RCM-156’ has got a heavily reinforced frame, Öhlins suspension front and back, and 17” OZ Racing wheels shod with

Kawasaki Zephyr 750 by Sanctuary

Some 15 years ago, Kawasaki’s Zephyr range kickstarted the trend for retro naked motorcycles in Europe. The styling was loosely based on the original Z1, and although the Zephyrs were criticized for lacking the fearsome character of the Z1, they sold well. This Zephyr 750, however, is much closer to the spirit of the original

Sanctuary Kawasaki Z2

The legendary Kawasaki Z1 had a little brother, the Z2. (A better behaved little brother, no doubt.) You’d be hard pressed to tell these Zeds apart: pretty much everything was the same on both bikes, apart from the internals of that glorious DOHC engine. Kawasaki dropped the capacity from 903 to 746cc, but the Z2

Kawasaki Z1 by AC Sanctuary

Japan probably has the most diverse custom motorcycle culture in the world. They like monkey bikes and mopeds and 110-cubic-inch Harleys and everything in between. And nothing is immune from the touch of the angle grinder, or the hiss of the metalflake spray gun. But there are a few companies that eschew this excess, and