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Dirty Sandy: 4h10's custom Honda dual sport

Most custom Honda Dominators trade their original lines for a cleaner, flat-tracker inspired look. This particular one breaks that mould with a rough, throwback scrambler vibe—and we dig it. It belongs to Nico, co-founder of French moto lifestyle site 4H10. With two café builds under his belt, he wanted a daily runner with a totally

Custom BMW R100/7

The French have an interesting phrase for an unconventionally attractive woman: jolie laide. The English equivalent would be “pretty ugly,” but the ambiguity of the French meaning is lost in the translation. The phrase sprung to my mind when I first saw this BMW, a 1978 R100/7 that lay in bits and pieces in a

Retro Scrambler: A vintage BMW R75/5 from Spain

For its latest build, Cafe Racer Dreams has taken a break from Triumph Bonnevilles. The Spanish workshop has turned its attention to the vintage BMW R-series—namely, the 749 cc R75/5 boxer. Now owned by Valéry from Paris, this 1971 model is a thorough resto-mod in the increasingly popular scrambler style. And it looks simply gorgeous.

Bultaco Cazarécords

In 1960, the young Spanish manufacturer Bultaco decided to make a name for itself and claim some long distance records. It built this stunningly beautiful 175cc machine, and took it to the Autodrome de Montlhéry just south of Paris. It was a successful trip, with five records in the bag. Best of all, the Bultaco

Blitz Motorcycles "BSW"

Fred and Hugo of Blitz Motorcycles describe their latest creation as “A gentleman’s bike for a gentleman rider”. But it’s not a conservative, retro throwback. “BSW” is decidedly unconventional, like all of Blitz’s builds so far. The motorcycle was built for an English customer called John, who lives in Paris. It’s a BMW R60/6, a

BMW R1200 custom

Most motorcycle marques can point to a single early model that set the tone for those that followed and established the brand. In BMW’s case it’s the R32. It was unveiled at the Berlin motor show in 1923, and it was a good fifty years later before BMW Motorrad shook off the R32’s iconic black-paint-and-pinstripes

Mecatwin Bonneville TX-A1

Mecatwin is a name you don’t often hear outside France, but the company is one of the top European Triumph specialists. Based an hour or so south of Paris in the town of Montargis—sometimes known as the “Venice of the Gâtinais”—Mecatwin turns stock Bonnevilles into mouthwatering eye candy. Most creations are produced in limited runs