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Marco Lugato Moto Guzzi

If there’s one class of bike that gets my motor running faster than any other, it’s a Moto Guzzi cafe racer. This machine comes courtesy of the Italian publication Special Mag—the bike is owned by Francesco Venturi, a young architect, and was built by Marco Lugato. The 1000 SP arrived in Lugato’s workshop disassembled in

Honda CR 750

If I had to make a list of the most iconic racing motorcycles of all time, the Honda CR 750 would be in my top ten. Not only for its achievements, but also for its aesthetics: to my eyes, it’s one of the most beautiful bikes to ever roll down a pit lane. This particular

Ducati Hypermotard custom

Of all the bikes we’ve featured over the past couple of years, I reckon this would be one of the best for flinging down a twisty road. It’s owned by Michel Vis, who bought the Hypermotard in 2008 after its first owner low-sided it with only 300 miles on the clock. “It was declared a

Ducati 750 F1

I’m a sucker for the endurance racer look, especially if twin headlamps are involved. And this is one of the best examples I’ve seen for a long time. It’s owned by Gregory Rathe, and there’s an interesting history behind it. In 1985, Ducati made a replica of its Pantah-based TT racers called the 750 F1.

Union Motorcycle Aermacchi

Harley-Davidson has a strange affectation for Italian motorcycle companies. It bought MV Agusta in 2008, and offloaded it just over a year later to the late Claudio Castiglioni. But way before that, in 1960, Harley bought a half share in Aermacchi, and started selling a rebadged version of the Italian company’s 250 cc single. It

Ritmo Sereno BMW R100RS

In the mid-70s, the BMW R100RS was the most radical motorcycle you could buy. It was BMW’s answer to the relentless threat of large-capacity Japanese motorcycles, and it came with a seven-part fairing—a new style of bodywork that reportedly reduced side wind deflection by 60% over the standard S model. But it looked a little

Officine Rossopuro Motard One

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Moto Guzzi Stelvio custom before. And this is no half-hearted attempt: the big adventure tourer from Mandello del Lario has been transformed into a pseudo-motard powerhouse. It’s not the look you generally associate with a custom from Officine RossoPuro’s Filippo Barbacane—but on the other hand, it’s the sort

Yamaha XS400 tracker

It’s usually Yamaha’s XS650 that gets the custom treatment, so it’s nice to see a smaller capacity XS get a workover. This tracker-style machine has a Yamaha XS400 motor squeezed into an XS250 frame, and it was built over a couple of years by Drew Scialpi-Sullivan, from rainy Manchester, England. He modified the frame to

BMW R80 cafe racer

If you’re into BMW café racers, you probably know the BMW Café blog, run by Dutchman Michiel de Molenaar. This BMW R80 is the bike that originally got Michiel hooked on building and riding old motorcycles, and shows what can be done with a small budget and a lot of inspiration. He started with a

Ural M70

Most motorcycle manufacturers strive for progress. And in doing so, progressively remove the connection between the rider and the machine. One hand gives with more power, while the other hand takes away—with electronics to control that power. But Ural motorcycles have always chosen the tried and trusted route. The original BMW-based design is now decades

Ghezzi Brian Super Twin

If Ducati has NCR, Moto Guzzi has Ghezzi Brian. Based in the lakes region of northern Italy, the company builds small runs of Guzzi-based sport bikes and created the MGS-01 superbike for the Mandello factory. (The odd name, in case you’re wondering, refers to the founders Giuseppe Ghezzi and Bruno “Brian” Saturno.) The Ghezzi Brian

Voxan motorcycles

In two weeks, the assets of French boutique motorcycle maker Voxan will go under the hammer in Clermont-Ferrand. It’s one of the sadder stories of the Global Financial Crisis, because Voxan was one of the last true independents in the motorcycling world. My favorite Voxan motorcycle is ironically one that never made it into full

VTM SpaceSter

This Sportster-based custom will be one of the few signs of genuine originality at the AMD World Championships Of Bike Building next year. Designed by Bernard ‘Buck’ Massart of the French custom motorcycle shop VTM, it’s built around a Harley-Davidson Sportster engine. The SpaceSter looks like a motorcycle designed on a CAD system, but apparently

Goldammer Nortorious

Roger Goldammer has created some pretty wild custom motorcycles over the years, but to our eyes, his 2007 ‘Nortorious’ is the best of the lot. It’s a modern take on a Norton Manx cafe racer, with a featherbed-styled frame housing one half of a Harley V-twin. That single cylinder is a substantial 965cc though, and