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Radical Ducati Monster 1100

Spain is a hotbed of custom motorcycle building at the moment, and Radical Ducati is at the forefront of the performance-oriented scene. Wildcat is the latest creation from Pepo Rosell and Reyes Ramon. It’s built around a blueprinted Monster 1100 Evo engine with a carbon fiber airbox, so it’s not short on power. (The muffler,

Radical Ducati Corsa Evo

Radical Ducati is in the business of making good sportbikes great. The Spanish company produces top-drawer accessories and go-faster kits for most of the Ducati range, and the RAD 02 Corsa Evo is its latest release. The ‘02’ moniker means that it’s configured as a race or trackday bike. You can buy the bike complete,

Radical Ducati Monster S2R

I’m a fan of the Spanish tuner Radical Ducati: their bikes are invariably well engineered and good looking. And they seem to know what to change and what to leave alone. This latest bike is nicknamed ‘Rad to Hell’, and it’s based on the Monster S2R 1000. Radical Ducati has wisely left the excellent suspension

Radical Ducati's killer 900 SS custom

I’ve always thought that the Ducati 900 SS deserved more praise. It was a fast sports tourer with good handling—but it was also pigeonholed by critics as a lesser bike than the 996, and too expensive compared to the early Monsters. So it’s great to see someone take a 900 SS by the scruff of

Radical Ducati 48 Sport

Radical Ducati is best known for its ultra-desirable transformations of contemporary superbikes. But the Spanish company occasionally turns its hand to vintage machinery, like this beautiful little ‘Sportiva’. It’s a 1962 Ducati 48 Sport—which was known as the Falcon in the US. And despite its diminutive capacity, this two-stroke was capable of a healthy 50

Radical Ducati's custom Yamaha XT600

The Yamaha XT600 is one of those iconic enduro bikes that refuses to die—in more ways than one. The virtually bulletproof 595cc single was first released in 1983 and was the first “Ténéré” model, capitalizing on Yamaha’s profile in desert rallies. The early XT600s are still highly sought after, but you won’t find many as

Radical Ducati Carallo Sport

The home of one of Europe’s leading Ducati custom shops is not Italy, but Spain. Radical Ducati is based in Madrid, and has carved a niche in contemporary upgrades of Monsters and such ilk. But this latest ‘preparacione’ is a charming departure from the usual. Based on an ancient Ducati 125, the Carallo Sport has

Radical Ducati Imola RAD02

Spain’s leading Ducati specialist has pulled another rabbit out of the hat with this terrific new racer. It’s a tribute to the 750 Imola Desmo, which carried Paul Smart and Bruno Spaggiari to victory in the legendary 1972 200-mile race at Imola. The engine of the RAD02 is a tuned 900 SS i.e. lump, with