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Ritmo Sereno Guzzi

Shiro Nakajima, the CEO of leading Japanese custom workshop Ritmo Sereno, is a keen vintage racer. He’s been campaigning his Moto Guzzi Ambassador for a couple of years now, and felt it was time for a refresh. In its original incarnation—which we revealed just over two years ago—the Guzzi looked more like a road machine

Ritmo Sereno BMW R100RS

In the mid-70s, the BMW R100RS was the most radical motorcycle you could buy. It was BMW’s answer to the relentless threat of large-capacity Japanese motorcycles, and it came with a seven-part fairing—a new style of bodywork that reportedly reduced side wind deflection by 60% over the standard S model. But it looked a little

Magni Arturo 1000

Arturo Magni is best known for his racing exploits with MV Agusta. While managing MV’s racing department, the team won a remarkable 75 world championships and over 3,000 races in several classes. After MV retired from racing in the late 70s, Magni and his sons set up a factory to build ‘specials’, and in the

BSA A10 Super Rocket

Here’s a classic example of a very tasteful ‘resto-mod’, and one that shows off the lines of the BSA A10 beautifully. The iconic A10 first appeared as the 1949 Golden Flash, but by the mid 50s, the range needed an overhaul. BSAs were being seen as rugged and reliable, while Triumph and Norton fought the

Ritmo Sereno Rocket-R

Ritmo Sereno has just completed two new café motorcycles for a lucky client. And if there’s any remaining doubt that the Tokyo workshop is the king of the resto-mod, these BMW café racers should dispel it. They’re ‘Rocket-R’ models, which is Ritmo-speak for completely overhauled R-series bikes that have also been upgraded with modern components.

BMW R100 race replica

Three years ago, Ritmo Sereno of Tokyo produced a stunning orange BMW R80 track bike—the highly successful ‘Nakajima’ racer. Now a Ritmo customer has commissioned a road-going version—and this is it. It’s based on a 1991 R100 RS, but many of the other details are close to the track machine. The suspension is Öhlins front

Moto Guzzi V7 custom

Ritmo Sereno’s work is nothing less than automotive art. The latest special edition to roll out of the Tokyo workshop is this lovely custom Moto Guzzi V7 — based on a US-spec Ambassador imported into Japan and then torn down and rebuilt to Ritmo’s customary high standards. There’s also a raft of enhancements to make

Ritmo Sereno's racy custom BMW R69S

When this R69S rolled into the workshop of Tokyo resto-mod specialists Ritmo Sereno, it was a slightly gawky custom with mismatched curves and a shapeless silver tank. With their usual attention to detail, Ritmo reworked it into a beautiful cafe racer with more conventional BMW lines and a useful performance boost. The front wheel was

BMW R75/5 racer

Our favorite upmarket Japanese custom house Ritmo Sereno has worked its customary magic on this lovely BMW R75/5 from 1970. The discreet modifications fall within classic racing regulations: they include ported and polished heads for the air-cooled boxer motor, a modified flywheel and clutch, AP Lockheed front forks, uprated brakes and new electrics. As usual,

BMW R100/S

In the 1970s, BMW had a reputation for producing reliable but somewhat stodgy touring motorcycles. Then in 1977, the Bavarians suddenly got sexy back. The R100/7 and well-reviewed R100/S were BMW’s first liter-class bikes, with stiffened frames that transformed the handling and extra grunt from uprated boxer engines. The /S (“Sport” model) got a small

Moto Guzzi 850 Le Mans

There’s a select group of European motorcycles from the 1970s that have grown in reputation as time goes by. The BMW R-series is one, and Moto Guzzi’s Le Mans is another. Foibles and weaknesses pointed out by contemporary road tests are forgotten, and style and originality come to the fore. This modified Moto Guzzi 850

Moto Guzzi Ambassador racebike

If you’re a fan of the Euro custom scene in Japan, you might guess that this molto bella 750cc V-twin is the work of Ritmo Sereno. It has that signature Ritmo ‘look’: shiny, factory-fresh authenticity mixed with clever custom detailing. But this vintage Guzzi is no trailer queen. It’s actually a fully-functioning racer, and Ritmo

Moto Guzzi Ambassador racer

We’ve got a bit of a thing for Moto Guzzi here, and this vintage racing motorcycle from Japan has got to be one of the best Guzzis in the world. We first noticed it in September but now owner Shiro Nakajima of Ritmo Sereno has released more pictures and information about his personal bike. The