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R nine T Custom Project: the builders

It’s not often that we get an insight into the minds and work processes of Japan’s custom motorcycle builders. The language barrier is simply too much. So we’re wrapping up our coverage of BMW’s R nineT Custom Project by interviewing the four builders involved. Although they’re at the top of their game—and undoubtedly some of

Factory Fresh: Auto Fabrica's super clean SR400

At a glance, Yamaha’s re-issued SR400 is virtually indistinguishable from its vintage counterparts. Which is probably why it’s so popular. It has all the charm associated with the iconic SR designation, with the added benefits of fuel injection and ‘new bike’ reliability. A combination that led Auto Fabrica’s newest client to turn his SR400 in

JvB-MOTO SR500 D-Track

Jens vom Brauck and Kedo, the German tuning and parts specialists, have taken an everyday Yamaha SR500 and gone back to the roots. The bike looks lean, mean and low—a mutant cross between a 60s desert racer and Kenny Robert’s flat track bike. It has a raw competition look, with black rims, a machined alloy

DariztDesign Honda GL100

If Yamaha’s SR series is the mainstay of affordable customization in the Western world, then Honda’s GL series is the Indonesian equivalent. This unusual bobber comes from DariztDesign, described by principal Agus Darizt as “just a little shed—a home garage in Jogja (Yogjakarta), a city on the island of Java.” Agus and his brother Faiz

Deus Oddjob Yamaha SR500

If you had to list the builders at the top of today’s custom scene, most observers would put Deus in the top five. A lot of this reputation comes from transforming Yamaha’s SR series—a machine that’s not officially sold in Australia, but is well-suited to Sydney’s rutted streets. So we bring you the latest Deus

Harley Sportster by Deus

The Australian custom motorcycle builder Deus is best known for its SR and W650 customs, but its occasional forays into Harley-Davidson territory have been equally successful. Here’s the latest, based on a 2007-model Harley Sportster. Dubbed the Bald Terrier—no, I don’t know why—it’s essentially a remake of Deus’ 2009 V Twin Cafe Racer. And that’s

Deus SR500 street tracker

Most Yamaha SR-based customs hark back to the golden age of cafe racers. But the Australian specialist Deus has taken a jump into the future with its tough-looking SR542, nicknamed “The Mono.” This particular machine started life as a 1978 SR500, but you’d never know: it’s been upgraded beyond recognition. It’s packing custom Öhlins suspension