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Shop Visit: See See Motor Coffee Co.

Thor Drake owns Portland’s finest custom motorcycle store. He is also improbably tall, and his name is pronounced ‘Tor’ with no ‘h’. You could say he’s the living embodiment of the city’s unofficial slogan: “Keep Portland Weird.” If the name sounds familiar, that’s probably because Thor runs The One Motorcycle Show and organizes the 21

Thunderhawk: A New Angle On The Honda CB77

With most Honda CB customs packing 400cc or more, we were a little curious when a CB77 Super Hawk hit our inbox. After all, this was the bike that launched Honda in the USA—and the bike that Robert M. Pirsig rode on his trip in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Plus, the Super

Suzuki Thunder 125 custom

In 2012, just over seven million new motorcycles were sold in Indonesia. To put that into perspective, it’s around fifteen times as many bikes sold in the USA. But Indonesia’s 240 million inhabitants are still poor by Western standards: most earn less than US$2 a day. They just happen to be crazy about motorcycles. The

BMW R100S by Deus

You don’t see many 1970s BMW R-series customs in the USA. But this very sharp R100S cafe racer should prompt a few searches for old airheads on eBay. It’s set for launch at The One Motorcycle Show in Austin this weekend, and was built by Michael Woolaway, motorcycle design director at Deus USA. The R100S

Sky Team Ace 125

Well, here’s a surprise. A Chinese-built motorcycle with a dash of style, reportedly good build quality, and a nod to the Japanese racing heritage of the 1960s. It’s the Sky Team Ace 125, a loose replica of the Honda CR110 racer. Honda itself created a replica in 2004, the lovely Dream 50R, but the Ace

Roland Sands Design "Race-ster"

Roland Sands is one of the more eclectic custom motorcycle builders in the USA. He’s built countless bikes in many different styles, and is never afraid to try new ideas. This is his latest creation, the ‘Race-ster’, and it’s the first time he’s put a fairing on a Harley custom. “There are many difficulties to

MV Agusta 600: the 'Black Pig'

Throughout the MV Agusta community, the 600 is affectionately known as ‘The Black Pig’. It’s one of the ugliest bikes ever made, but perhaps so ugly that it transcends style and fashion. Only 127 were built, between 1967 and the early 1970s, and this one is #11. It was the second 600 to go to

Montesa Cota 200

The Spanish marque Montesa is legendary in the annals of trials history, so it’s always good to see a classic Cota restored to original condition. This one is a 1982 model owned by Oliver Cooper of Sheffield, in the north of England. He bought it for a song from an auto jumble last summer; it

Mugen Honda CB1100

Mugen is effectively the ‘official’ Honda car and motorcycle tuner, with headquarters close to Honda’s own R&D facility north of Tokyo. So it’s no surprise that the first tweaked Honda CB1100 has a discreet Mugen logo at the back. The mods include a 70s-style bikini fairing in silver and a stubby black megaphone-style exhaust system,

Schott motorcycle jackets

When it comes to motorcycle jackets, Schott NYC is the real deal: The company has a heritage that money can’t buy. It goes back almost a hundred years to 1913, when brothers Irving and Jack Schott started the business in a basement on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. They branded their jackets with the

Ural Motorcycle: The Solo T concept

EXCLUSIVE The Ural is one of the great bargains of modern motorcycling: a tough, capable machine that can handle both city streets and dirt tracks. In the USA, you can ride a ‘Solo’ out of the showroom for just $6,999, and know that it’ll still be running 20 years down the track. Despite the price,

Harley Panhead by Matt Machine

Last month, I had the privilege of meeting one of Australia’s most renowned custom bike builders, Matt from Machine. This Harley Panhead is his latest creation, and it’s just made it onto the cover of Greasy Kulture magazine. Matt built this bike for his good friend Joe, and its styling takes a little “from all